IT Consulting Services

IT Consulting Services

STIS Group Consulting Services are available across the following sectors


Cloud Services

Cloud adoption programmes are continuing to increase for many business sectors as they look for ways to optimise cost, improve efficiency, increase agility or re-prioritise skills and talent along with many other motivators.  Our aim is to help match your requirements for a cloud solution that suits the needs of your business. We will evaluate and recommend options but also guide you through the decision making process.  We can advise, migrate and manage the process for your Cloud journey.  We will simplify the jargon to make it relevant and meaningful for your business. We will also identify the differentiators between the various providers that exactly meets your business needs and ultimately delivers value.

Data Migration

Our experience in data migration means that we fully understand the value of our client’s data to ensure that it is managed with the highest degree of due diligence to maintain it’s reliability, durability and integrity.  We operate a very resilient and robust migration process in order for our clients to have the full trust in our handling of their data and the migration.  Our aim is to deliver a fast and reliable data migration process that meets the critical timelines for the project and also delivers the expected value to our client’s business.

Data Centre Services

We can support our clients through the decision making process for their datacentre strategy.  With our knowledge and expertise we can analyse the market based on our client’s requirements and build a compelling business case.  We will analyse the technical, environmental, financial and efficiency aspects of a datacentre proposal to ensure that the decision for the datacentre location will ultimately deliver value to the business. Our engagement model can be either direct between the client and datacentre operator after an introduction or via us to manage the datacentre facility on the client’s behalf through our datacentre managed services.

IT Managed Services

Our knowledge, skills and experience allows us to help our clients with all of their IT requirements while they focus on running their business.  Our goal is to ensure we support our client’s business by providing IT operational excellence, stability and efficiency that will benefit them and also deliver value.  We can provide onsite skilled resources for routine administrative tasks or projects as well as the remote management of specific operations and products.

IT Brokerage Services

We act on behalf of our clients to ensure that once we have fully understood their requirements we can then introduce the right partner, vendor or service that matches their needs and delivers value to their business.  We act independently to ensure our analysis and recommendations is purely in the interest of our client.  We can support the client through the entire process, as an intermediary, from the evaluation to the selection and the final negotiations.



MDIA and MFSA Aligned Services
STIS Group offer a full range of services aligned to the MDIA regulatory framework concerning:Innovative Technology Arrangements (ITA) covering Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) platforms and Blockchain Technology, Smart Contracts and Virtual Financial Assets (VFA) which are regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA).
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Compliance Services
Our Compliance Services not only cover MDIA but also extend to GDPR, PCI DSS, IT Security and Data Centre Audits.Often an organisation has overlapping audit requirements, which ordinarily require multiple consultants or even multiple organisations. STIS Consultants can cover them all saving you time and money.
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IT Consulting Services
Our IT Consulting Service is focussed on providing the right solutions that help your business grow and also deliver value. Our goal is to be a trusted partner for your business in order to support you in meeting your IT requirements that enable your business to realise their goals and this can only be achieved by understanding your business to recommend the solutions that match your ambitions.
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