Google Cloud wins “seven figure” military security contract

Google Cloud has won a “seven figure” contract with the US Department of Defense’s Innovation Unit to help it detect and respond to cyber threats.

Google Cloud said the deal will allow the Innovation Unit to run applications across platforms using Anthos – including Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure – while being managed through the Google Cloud Console.

Anthos is Google’s fully managed platform and the first open app modernisation platform to offer a unified control plane and service delivery across diverse cloud environments—managed cloud, on-premises and edge.

“Anthos is even starting to be deployed to edge locations, where, thanks to its 100% software-based design, it can run on any number of hardware form factors,” said Jennifer Lin, VP, product management, speaking at Google’s Next ’19.


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“We’re in advanced discussions with customers in telecommunications, retail, manufacturing and entertainment about using Anthos for edge use cases, as well as with global hardware OEMs,” Lin added.

The US military has long proven a loyal customer to the country’s tech sector, with government investment particularly crucial to growth across the space tech and start-up sectors.   

Google is also developing its ties with the Department of Defense, despite staff protests to the Maven contract with the Pentagon in 2018, which led to the tech giant withdrawing from the project.

Bloomberg reported that last year that Google was courting the DoD – which has an annual budget of $700 billion – for work on cybersecurity, automation and deep fake detection projects.

Further, the US tech giant has hired Josh Marcuse from the Defense Innovation Board, appointing him to the position of head of strategy and innovation for global public sector in March this year. It has also been working closely with the White House and other governments on various tech tools to combat the Covid-19 pandemic.

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