Delta Summit 2019 - Update

Delta Summit 2019 - Update

Only 1 days to go to the Delta Summit.

Our CEO Faisal Uddin is on route to the Delta Summit in Malta. Aside from the show itself Faisal has a packed calendar talking to VFA agents and other potential partners, showcasing our capabilities.

Anyone wishing to grab some time with STIS Group while we are in Malta should contact us through our website

With the ITAS act coming up for its anniversary we will be hoping to find out from the MDIA what happened over the course of the last year and what we might expect for the future.

STIS Group are hoping that the MFSA and MDIA will become more aligned, and encourage more organisations to embrace the regulations. We hope to see many new organisations settle on Malta for their platforms.

As the world of blockchain struggles with regulation and acceptance, one thing is for sure, the technology and applications will continue to grow in popularity and as it becomes more mainstream the need for regulation and control will increase. The wild west jurisdictions will dry up much like waterholes in the summer leaving organisations little choice but to find a jurisdiction where the regulation is mature and widely accepted.

STIS Group are the fourth organisation to be accredited with Systems Auditor status and are therefore one of only four Systems Auditors certified to perform full Type 1 and Type 2 audits for the Malta Digital Innovation Authority.

STIS Group have experts in the fields of Blockchain, Smart Contracts, Distributed Ledgers, Ethereum, Hyper Ledger to name a few, as well as PCI DSS, ISO 27001, GDPR, Cloud Services, Data Protection and Information Security.



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