Microsoft global data centre given approval by Qatar cabinet

Qatar’s cabinet has officially given authorisation to Microsoft to open its global data centre in the small peninsular country according to Reuters.

Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) has not yet officially announced its plans to open second data centre in the Middle East, prompting Data Economy to request a comment from the company who are yet to respond.

Microsoft’s cloud platform Azure, announced plans to expand into the Middle East for the first time last year by setting up data centres in the neighbouring United Arab Emirates, and predicted its completion in 2019.

It was reported by a local Qatar-based newspaper, The Peninsula, that the cabinet meeting was held by the Prime Minister Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khalifa Al Thani to which the decision was announced.

It was documented that the Cabinet also took the necessary measures to issue a draft law establishing the Media City, after it reviewed the recommendation of the Shura Council – an advisory body of Saudi Arabia.

A city called “Media City” will be established under the draft law, and it is said to have an independent budget; leaving its borders and coordinates to be determined by a Cabinet’s decision.

It was said that the Media City will focus on managing and developing media activity and attracting international media, technology companies, research and training institutions in the fields of media and digital media, as well as achieving economic and professional integration with the State’s various projects and provide an interactive environment by licensed companies working in the media city.

Data Economy reached out to Microsoft, to which a spokesperson said: “We don’t comment on rumour or speculation.”

Cape Town and Johannesburg were also among Abu Dhabi and Dubai as newly announced Middle Eastern and African regions that Microsoft have secured. Azure has 54 regions worldwide and is available in 140 countries with announced regions in South Africa North and West as well as Norway East and West.

Just before the new year, the company has also announced the acquisition of huge parcels of land in Northern Sweden to build multiple data centre facilities.

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