MCF Group Estonia to invest $113.6m in new data centre

Data centre provider MCF Group Estonia plans to invest $113.6m to start building a data centre in Estonia, Finland by 2019, which will see the new facility based near Saue, a suburb of the capital city.

The data centre will be deployed in several stages, with the first phase already scheduled to start in Q1 of 2019 and is anticipated to be completed in 12 months. This portion of the investment will cost $28.4m.

The data centre will total 376,736 sq ft and will include 960 racks. Since 2015, the project has been led by Kert Evert, who is a member of the board at MCF Group who has previously worked in the telecommunications sector and has served as the Head of Network Management in Tele2 Estonia.

“At this time, it is not clear who will be moving into the building; negotiations with potential anchor clients are still ongoing,” said Evert.

“The plan is to build the centre bit by bit in line with demands and in order to avoid over-investments. We predict that we will reach around 20% capacity.”

The number of data centre facilities is one to three, with the floor space in one facility measuring to 10,000m2; they have a planned power capacity of 20+ megawatts and have employed 30 members of staff.

It has been said that the Nordic countries are considered preferable for the construction of data centres due to their cooler climate, steady political and economic situation, and the option of using environmentally friendly energy.

According to the people behind the new facility project, data centres in Estonia are in a difficult spot regarding risk management.

Due to security reasons, the company did not wish to divulge too much detail regarding what the inside of the data centre will look like, but did mention that they are looking for clients from abroad, more specifically they will be targeting cloud service providers.

One of their selling points is the moderately low price of electricity in Estonia, and the cool weather, which will lower the cost of cooling down the servers.

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